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BEES Education & Training Centre

  • Tailored one-to-one tutoring for each pupil
  • Children taught in small groups (4-8 pupils)
  • Active encouragement and confidence building
  • Qualified, Experienced, Graduate Teachers and Under Graduates 
  • Friendly informal atmosphere
  • Maths, Science, English & etc Tuition (Age 5-24)
  • GCSE & A-Levels
  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning

GCSE examinations are taken at Year 11 but sometimes pupils can take English / Mathematics at Year 10.
Based on teacher’s reports & SATs results, students will be directed to study Foundation, Intermediate or the Higher GCSE examinations.
Techniques, preparation, practice and familiarity in style of question are the ingredients to achieve successful grades. The BEES Education & Training Centre has a selection of Past Papers for the different Examination Boards. We can work through these papers with the students showing them techniques on how to answer questions correctly.
SATs (Standard Assessment Tests)
Unlike 11+ or GCSE examinations, you cannot pass or fail the SATS tests. They are tests that pupils sit at the end of Key Stage 1,2 & 3 and are used as a measure of a pupil’s progress at the school. However, in conjunction with the teacher’s reports the results of SATS can determine how pupils are entered into different streams during their educational years.
By focusing on key areas, we have successfully helped improve student’s SATs results and subsequently increased their confidence.

About STS
A good education is an important foundation for a child to build his or her future life upon. Sometimes, extra support is necessary for those pupils who may be having difficulties in certain areas or who are trying to achieve higher attainments such as entrance exams or GCSEs.
The BEES Education & Training Centre was founded by a team of people of educational background to provide supplementary tutoring to all peoples of all abilities. The Centre provides teaching for Maths, English, Science and other subjects to students of all ages.
The BEES Education & Training Centre ensures that the subjects are delivered in line with the National Curriculum.

Teaching approach
Unlike a day school or some other educational organisations, the BEES Education & Training Centre provides a different teaching method and approach. At the BEES Education & Training Centre, we do not follow a timetabled course that is delivered to a group of pupils.
Delivering courses to a class is a successful mechanism for educating a group of students, but on occasions some pupils may experience difficulties due to the restrictions of teaching to a large group in a tight timetable.
Some pupils may not grasp certain topics and in a set timetable, it may be difficult to go back and review areas that need more attention. This can hinder their further studies for they may be not be tooled with the basic building blocks.
For some students, time may be spent working on subjects of which they have full comprehension and so they could actually benefit from being pushed further ahead.
With the BEES Education & Training Centre, we aim to compliment the essential work of a pupil’s time with us by helping students with difficulties or those who want to achieve higher goals.

Session & Costs
On the first session the pupil will sit an assessment test. Based on the results of the assessment, a pupil’s individual education plan will be developed that will focus on key areas
The 2 hour session can be dedicated for one subject (e.g. Maths) or can be split between two subjects (e.g. Maths & English).
The fee ranges from £15 -£40 per hour

How to Join ?
Please call 07915047904 or fill in the application form and return via email or post to our central office.
An interview will be arranged and this will allow you the opportunity to see the BEES Education & Training Centre and ask more questions.
At the interview, you can enroll at the BEES Education & Training Centre assuming there is availability

Registration Fees 

One off payment of £10 per application ( non refundable )

How do you Pay?
Contact us
For more information please contact us using the following:
079 1504 7904 – Riaze Siddeek
0151 306 7124 – Office
Email – beestuitioncentre@gmail.com